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The British Royal Family Net Worth, Ranked From Lowest To Highest

That’s a lot of money!

The British royal family’s net worth is something that people are very intrigued about. Unlike Hollywood celebrities where you can clearly identify the more successful ones from the others, the royal family is hard to read.

Its no secret that the British royal family’s net worth is incredibly high, but who earns more and who’s getting less? Read up to know who’s on the top of the list.

Meghan Markle Net Worth: $5 million

Source: Reuters

Meghan Markle’s net worth mostly came from her career as an actress. Given her background, some speculated that the Duchess of Sussex might be worth more than Prince Harry. However, being at the bottom of the British royal family’s net worth list means that the rumors are certainly not true.

Kate Middleton Net Worth: $10 million

Since the Duchess of Cambridge is the first person outside a royal bloodline to join the royal family, many believed that her story is the perfect example of rags-to-riches. But that’s actually far from the truth. Kate Middleton’s net worth was already quite impressive before marrying Prince William. She and her family run a successful online mail-order party supply store, Party Pieces.

Prince Philip Net Worth: $30 million

Source: BBC

Prince Philip’s net worth is still very high despite the fact that he never took on the title of king due to strict monarchy regulations. The Duke of Edinburgh is married to Queen Elizabeth for 70 years, and receives an annual Parliamentary annuity.

Prince William Net Worth: $40 million

Source: Reuters

Prince William’s net worth skyrocketed after inheriting the fortune amassed by his late mother, Princess Diana, when he turned 30 years old. The Duke of Cambridge also started receiving dividends of $450,000 each year upon turning 25.

Prince Harry Net Worth: $40 million

Source: New Idea

Despite earlier claims that his wife Meghan Markle might be richer than him, Prince Harry’s net worth proved them all wrong. Just like his brother, he also gathered most of his wealth on his 30th birthday through inheritance from Princess Diana. The Duke of Sussex also gained access to a lavish investment profit.

Prince Charles Net Worth: $100 million

Source: Reuters

Prince Charles’s net worth made him the second wealthiest member of the British royal family. The son of Queen Elizabeth has a high annual income that comes from the Duchy of Cornwall.

Queen Elizabeth II Net Worth: $550 million

Source: Cosmopolitan

Not surprisingly, Queen Elizabeth’s net worth brought her to the top spot. Her wealth comes in part from a percentage of profits generated by the Crown Estate and her own real estate, not to mention her inheritance and other Royal engagements. It is safe to say that the Queen enjoys a number of royal perks.


The British Royal Family Actually Works Regular Jobs

I didn’t know this fact about the Queen!

When we think of Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses, we think of sophisticated people waving elegantly at the commoners. Is that the only thing that they do? Actually, no.

As a matter of fact, the real-life Royal family has regular jobs like the rest of us. Despite their status in life, they are not exempted from doing their obligations.

1. Queen Elizabeth


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Why Rolex Watches Carry High Price Tags And Are A Status Symbol?

Now we know why!

While Rolex is a brand that is synonymous to luxury, do you know that the famous watch brand worn by the rich and famous was originally intended simply as a tool? So how come Rolex is now a piece that symbolizes wealth, prestige, and even power, you ask? Well we have the answers for you.

Rumor has it that before a Rolex watch leaves a factory, its design should be recognizable from 20 feet away. Although no one outside the watch company can confirm the veracity of this rumor, it can’t be denied that Rolex definitely boasts of a very distinct aesthetic: sporty and active tool watches.

Rolex watches were originally meant to be tools.


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7 Signs You’re Not Good With Money

A lot of people are guilty of #2

Are you earning enough but can’t seem to stretch your money to survive? Do you always find yourself making excuses for not saving money? If your answer is yes, then you might have some financial issues.

Stefanie O'Connell, a financial advisor for millennials and author of "The Broke and Beautiful Life," explains the ways of a person who is not good with money. Read up to know if you’re one of them.

1. You most of the time pay your fees late.


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