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Bishop Claims He Can Make Men’s Penises Larger By Massaging Them

I’m sure that works temporarily.

Bishop Daniel Obinim performs a ritual on men that he says he can enlarge their penis through “the spiritual realm.” Obinim says he can offer the enlargement service with the power of God and a video has been revealed showing his hands-on work.

The Ghanaian pastor has been filmed performing the ritual where he moves around a room full of men, grabbing them each by the crotch. In some cases, he will keep hold of their private part and give them a little shake.

Moreover, Obinim provides the same service to women, offering to massage breasts and buttocks to make them bigger and healthier.

The bishop said:

“If you do not like the looks of any part of your body, come to me. What do you want that I can’t offer? If you want big buttocks, I can do it for you. If you want big breasts, I can help. If you have a small manhood, I can change them all when I come to the spiritual realm.”

The shocking scene was shared on his own channel, Obinim TV.

Despite the awkward situation — being fondled by a bishop in front of a large crowd — the line of people eager to participate in the ritual is quite long.

However, his service didn’t end there. While promising to make penises, breasts, and buttocks bigger is already shocking and bizarre, things get a bit more concerning.

Bishop Obinim, who founded the International God’s Way Church in the Ashanti region of Ghana, has been criticized for his controversial practices before.

In August, Obinim was filmed whipping teenagers. He was accusing them of being sexually promiscuous and believed that they should be punished for their actions. He is now facing charges over the incident.

For those who want to know if Obinim’s work has led to any growth, there’s no report or update regarding the outcome.

Watch the video here:

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69-Year-Old Man Wants To Legally Lower His Age To Attract More Women on Tinder

“Transgender people can now have their gender changed… In the same spirit, there should be room for age change.”

We’ve all heard the saying “age is just a number” and now a 69-year-old guy from Netherlands wants to challenge that in a whole different way. Emile Ratelband recently made headlines after saying that since transgender people are allowed to legally change their sex, he should be permitted to alter his age as well.

Although Ratelband’s viewpoints are raising a lot of eyebrows, he remains undaunted about his stand and he’s even taken his argument to court. His case is now in the court of Arnhmen city.

Emile Ratelband is 69 years old but says he feels like he’s 20 years younger.


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Teen’s Ultrasound Seemingly Shows She’s Pregnant With A Fish

This is fishy.

Kimberly Robles of Manait in Bacacay, Albay, Philippines became the talk of the town after she supposedly got pregnant by a fish! The 17-year-old started gaining weight about seven months ago with her stomach growing in line with a pregnancy.

Since Kimberly’s stomach suddenly grew bigger without warning, her family believed she was pregnant despite her young age. However, the teen kept insisting that she doesn’t have a boyfriend and she definitely didn’t have an intimate moment with any man.


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Shocking Video Shows Fake Eggs Are Still Being Produced And Sold

You have been warned.

Asian egg consumers first became aware of the dangers of fake eggs sold in markets when the discovery surfaced in Malaysia back in 2011. News and multiple social media platforms then started to teach buyers how to identify phony chicken eggs from the real ones.

But since the fake egg phenomenon has slowly died down, consumers seemed to have forgotten about it. However, a shocking video seemingly confirmed that fake eggs are still being produced and sold.


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