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The World’s Largest Deliverable Pizza Can Feed 50 To 70 People

Now here’s one pizza you won’t be able to finish by yourself!

Got a huge craving for pizza? Well regardless of how hungry you think you are, believe us when we say this is one you won’t be able to chomp down all by yourself!

Presenting, the massive Giant Sicilian pizza from California-based pizzeria Big Mama’s & Big Papa’s – which is being marketed as the world’s largest deliverable pizza. The square pie measures 4.5 feet on every side and has a price tag of $299.99.

The Giant Sicilian pizza is so huge it can feed up to 70 people!

According to a Daily Mail feature, the Los Angeles pizza store allows their customers to customize their orders “by asking for different combinations of toppings on each half or quarter.” Of course, it also gets sliced into 200 small pieces right before delivery.

Meanwhile, a video uploaded online by Insider Food gained a lot of attention on social media lately. In the said clip, we see that the gigantic pie is made using a combination of 20 pounds of dough, 5 pounds of cheese, and 3 pounds of pepperoni.

Big Mama’s & Papa’s staff members then load the giant box on top of their delivery car.

In the past, the shop used a pickup truck to deliver their pizzas but now they have their own custom yellow and black car for that purpose.

Definitely ideal for pizza parties and other occasions.

Also, note that additional toppings cost $19.99 each while extra asking for cheese will set you back $34.99 more.

Watch the INSIDER video here:

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In case you’re seriously interested to order one of these giant pies, keep in mind that the store requires at least a notice of 24 hours. Also, it is only available in limited areas so you might as well check with them on their official website before gathering the gang.


Netizens Are Outraged By Sweden’s Banana Pizza

Bananas on pizza – yay or nay?

When it comes to pizza, perhaps no other subject sparks greater argument than this - is it okay to put pineapples on it or not? Try tossing that question to any group of people, whether your friends or work colleagues, and a heated debate will surely follow afterwards.

So yes, you get the picture. People are usually divided about their opinions if pineapple belongs to pizza or not. Some say the pineapple’s unique taste compliments all the meat, cheese, and bread but others emphasize the fruit simply does not belong to the pie. It can be an endless discussion really!

Well as if the world wasn’t chaotic enough, someone decided to further add fuel to the fire - by introducing the banana pizza....

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9 Guilt-Free Foods That you Can Eat At Night

You don’t have to sleep hungry.

Losing weight is definitely hard, especially when you keep craving for something to eat at night. We all know that consuming food before bedtime is certainly not a good idea when you’re trying to shed off some pounds as you won’t be able to burn the calories anymore.

Luckily, we don’t have to starve ourselves at nighttime when we get a little hungry. Here are nine foods that are safe to eat even at night.

1. Cheese


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7 Things Baristas Won’t Tell You

I didn’t know about #6.

Coffee lovers tend to be quite loyal to their favorite coffee shops. Although they would try other chains, especially when they’re in a different city or country, they would always go back to the one that they’re used to.

With that said, coffee lovers would argue that they know everything about their favorite coffee shop. However, there are things that baristas won’t tell you.

1. A bigger cup does not necessarily mean you'll get more coffee


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