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Batman Pulled Over By Cop To Take Selfie With Batmobile

This is not your average traffic stop.

No one is above the law – not even Batman. A video has gone viral after it shows a police car pulling over a replica Batmobile in Brompton, Canada.

It’s not every day that you see a superhero in action. What can make it even more interesting? The fact that a police car was behind him, telling him to pull over.

In the video, Batman obliged with the police, pulled over, and jump out from the Batmobile. His cape fluttered behind him as he began speaking with the officer. After a few seconds, he climbed back into his iconic vehicle like nothing happened.

The man who took the video can then be heard saying, “What, she let him go? Awesome!”

As expected, the video quickly went viral. Stephen Lawrence a.k.a Batman then decided to explain what really happened that day.

He said:

“I left highway 400 as early as I could because the cellphones were getting quite bad … I ended up on King Street in Caledon. This I thought was perfect for me. One lane each way, quiet, scenic road, and newly paved … Further down the road, I noticed the escort lights now were the pull over lights … I stopped, jumped out, so I can ask the officer, ‘is everything alright?’”

As it turned out, everything was just fine and dandy. The only reason why he was pulled over was because Lawrence shared that the female cop wanted to have a selfie with him, allegedly saying, “I would like to not miss my opportunity and get a photograph with you.”

As shocking as it sounds, this is not the first time that this happened. Lawrence was out one time to visit a sick child, wearing his Batman costume and driving his Batmobile. He was also pulled over, not because he broke the law, but because police officers couldn’t help themselves but be in awe of his dedication.

Watch the video here:

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Married Woman Hires Stranger To Cuddle With Her While Husband Is Away

Surprisingly, her husband is okay with it!

Guys, how would you feel if you found out that your wife is cuddling with another man while you’re away for work? Would you be furious? Well surprisingly, one husband is quite okay with such an arrangement.

According to 41-year-old Saskia Fredericks, she turns to cuddling to fight loneliness while her husband, who works as a police officer and National Guardsman in Connecticut, is away.

Fredericks further shared that her police lieutenant husband “is on patrol 24/7 and we don't live together full time because I am here in NYC.”


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8 Uncrackable Codes That Have Yet To Be Deciphered

Do you think you have what it takes to solve these ancient puzzles?

Puzzles might be one of the oldest forms of entertainment in human history. Our ancestors would create mysterious codes while newer ciphers were made to hide certain secrets. Although some have been deciphered, there are still a great number of codes that have been deemed uncrackable.

Most ciphers are of great interest to scholars yet one was completely ignored by the US government. In 1918, John F. Byrne invented the Chaocipher. He tried to offer it to the government but was refused for over 40 years. Byrne repeatedly offered cash rewards to anyone who could solve the code but the algorithm is now available online. While it's easy to figure out the Chaocipher these days, here are eight other uncrackable codes that have not yet been deciphered.

1. The Voynich Manuscript


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Suspected Cheater Was Actually Using Condoms For A Whole Different Purpose

He even passed a lie detector test!

The Jeremy Kyle show is famously known for providing DNA results, lie detector tests, and brutal confrontations on stage. However, the show is also popular for having some of the most shocking outcomes in television history.

Just like this young couple, for example. Chelsea was accusing her boyfriend Tyla of cheating on her after she found condoms around the house but this episode proved that there’s definitely more to the story than meets the eye.


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