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Black Friday Should Be Banned, According to Millenials

Should Black Friday be cancelled already? Yes or No?

Yearly after Thanksgiving, a lot of people are anticipating one thing – the Black Friday sale. It’s that time of the year when stores are offering many of their products in massive discounts.

In the United States, for example, consumers are willing to camp outside stores and endure long lines during what many believe as the “busiest shopping day of the year.” Along with that, critics are also bashing the annual tradition, saying it only promotes mass hysteria. Besides, accidents and even deaths are reported each year during Black Friday.

Source: REX

In an INC article, we particularly learn that about 70% of Millenials (those ages 20 to 36) are against Black Friday. The research was conducted by social media firm The Tylt and over 4,300 Millenials participated in the survey.

One Twitter netizen commented:

“It’s obvious people can’t control themselves, so ban the dang thing.”

The argument gets even more intense over at the site where we see 75% of commenters are in favor of cancelling Black Friday altogether.

Source: REX

As one said:

“I’m tired of seeing and hearing about store workers getting injured or even killed because some people can’t control themselves.”

Another suggested:

“Black Friday should be canceled because too many people are either killed or hurt fighting over merchandise that can be bought at discounted prices throughout the year. Customers shouldn’t have to feel insecure or threatened by simply shopping. Stores and malls become overpopulated which becomes huge safety hazards. If stores want to work however they want, they should be free to do so on other days rather than all at once.”

Meanwhile, the INC report further tells us that the main criticism against Black Friday is that it “promotes consumerism, rather than qualities that really matter in life: Love, empathy, spirituality and compassion.”

Instead of the chaotic Black Friday, some are saying it’s much better to wait for Cyber Monday instead – an online equivalent of the tradition.

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