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Baby Adorably Confused After Meeting Twin Cousins For The First Time

Too cute and too funny!

All of us know twins and some of us are even friends or relatives with them. Despite knowing them personally, it is not always easy to tell them apart.

Not only do they look like exact duplicates of each other, but there are also instances when they wear identical clothing, making the rest of us even more confused. So if we’re having a hard time telling twins apart, just imagine how much more for a baby who has never seen them before?

Thanks to his mom, Landon just got the most confusing moment of his young life when he was strategically placed between two identical twin girls. The adorable sisters were not only smaller than him, but they also look so much alike.

Meeting his twin cousins was a brand new experience for Landon, which is why he had the most hilarious reaction of all time.

The baby girl on Landon’s right side was putting on the waterworks in full cry mode, so he understandably looked at her first. He was already confused about why she was so loud and wondered what was the white thing on her head. Little did he know that there’s more confusion coming up.

When Landon looked at his left side, he noticed a cute baby girl. That’s the moment when he suddenly realized that he had seen that face before, so he looked at his right again and then to his left.

His look of sheer and utter confusion is the funniest thing ever. There were times that he looked at the adults, probably hoping that one of them would explain to him what was going on, but they were busy laughing at the hilarious moment.

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

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Not surprisingly, the video later went viral on social media, leaving many netizens amused with Landon’s cute reaction.


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