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Australia Might Be Hit By 200-Foot Tsunami, Here’s Their Amazing Defense Against It

The Tsunami Detection System can warn residents of impending danger.

Tsunamis can be unpredictable and destructive forces of nature. There are several causes for the calamity yet Australia is already prepared for anything. The country has already created a system that will predict when a 200-foot tsunami will hit anytime in the future.

Australia was relatively safe when the disastrous 2004 tsunami swept across Thailand. Nevertheless, experts have revealed that an even bigger tsunami could ravage major cities at any time. Not surprisingly, the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has created the Australian Tsunami Warning System (ATWS) Project as the last line of defense.

Sydney is one of the major cities that could be hit by the 200-foot tsunami.

BOM worked with Geoscience Australia (GA) and Attorney-General’s Department (AGD) on the project, which works as “a comprehensive, independent tsunami warning service.” The system will “advise the media, public and emergency authorities of any tsunami threat” to the country and its surrounding territories.

The seismologists at the Joint Australian Tsunami Warning Centre (JATWC) already have a “tsunami watch” phase where they keep an eye out for underwater earthquakes.

So how does it work? A surface buoy is sent out into the water and anchored to the ocean floor. It is followed by a tsunameter, a device which detects any changes in the water pressure. The two devices will work together in predicting any incoming tsunamis.

An illustration of how the tsunami warning system works.

Source: BOM/YouTube

The tsunameter sends a signal to the buoy, which in turn relays the message to a satellite. The warning is then sent to the JATWC seismologists.

The system won’t prevent the tsunami but it will definitely help in reducing the number of casualties in case disaster strikes. Dale Dominey-Howes, co-director of the Australian Tsunami Research Centre at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, says that Australia needs to be prepared since the massive tsunami could happen at any time.

“If it occurred without warning on a Saturday afternoon in summer the impacts would be catastrophic,” Dale says. “I suspect it’s only a matter of time before we are affected by something damaging.”

Watch how the tsunami detection system works below:

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Great Barrier Reef Is Finally Recovering From Mass Coral Bleaching

The reef could be set for full recovery in the next few years.

We have all been worried about the Great Barrier Reef after it was revealed that the ecosystem could die off due to mass coral bleaching. Luckily, it looks like the largest living thing in the world has been improving in the past year. Tourism and Events Queensland has just confirmed that Australia's most popular tourist attraction is showing “substantial signs of recovery.”

The announcement was made by the Reef & Rainforest Research Centre (RRRC). The non-profit organization filed a report to the Queensland State Government stating that there are "signs of recovery due to a milder 2017-18 summer." In addition to that, the ongoing effort of scientists and researchers has helped in the reef's improvement.

The Great Barrier Reef stretches more than 1,430 miles along Queensland’s coastline.


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Climate Change May Cause More Super Typhoons and Intense Hurricanes In The Future

We can expect more Mangkhut and Florence-level typhoons and hurricanes soon, according to experts.

After Typhoon Mangkhut and Hurricane Florence ravaged South East Asia and North Carolina, experts have a sad news for the world: we haven't seen the last of these super storms. In fact, they could become more common in the years to come, several scientists warned.

It's definitely a prediction that could, unfortunately, mean more devastation, more property damages, and more loss of lives.

Hurricane Florence as captured by a camera outside the International Space Station.


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Brave Diver Saves Shark’s Life By Removing Fishing Net From Its Mouth

“It was a very dramatic and intense moment with a happy ending.”

You may be a badass but believe us when we say you’ve got nothing compared with this man. As you can tell from the title and as you will see on the video below, this total tough guy helped save a shark from danger – by removing a fishing net from its mouth.

That’s quite a terrifying act to do, right? But yes, that’s exactly what Inaki Aizpun did and the captured footage immediately went viral online, with numerous netizens praising his heroic (and extremely brave!) deed.

Inaki Aizpun, a diving instructor, courageously rescued a shark from a horrible death.


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