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Artist Uses Household Items As Inspiration To Draw Epic Spaceship Designs

This awesome artist finds inspiration from can openers, peelers, shampoo bottles, and more.

If you’re an artist, you know how important it is to always keep your eyes peeled for inspiration – which can come from many different sources. Yes, creativity can be triggered by a lot of things, from movies you watch and books you read, to personal experiences you’ve had, and many others.

One artist, however, finds his ideas from somewhere really close to home – namely common household items – and he’s been creating magnificent spaceships out of them!

Meet Eric Geusz, artist, software engineer and sci-fi enthusiast.

As you will see on the images below, this creative guy has the ability to create epic spaceship designs out of a can opener, a fidget spinner, a peeler, or even a bottle of shampoo.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Eric shared about his beginnings and influences in art.

He said:

“I have been drawing and making spaceships out of Legos since I saw Star Wars in 1997.

“I’m a huge science fiction and fantasy fan, and often I find myself daydreaming, turning the world around me into my own world. I’m always inspired by the great artists of science fiction like Moebius, Ralph Mcquarrie, Chris Foss, Syd Mead and others. I used to love looking at concept art books as a kid (and still do). Some of my favorite video games are Homeworld, Mass Effect, and Halo.”

Check out his illustrations here:

As for his tip to other aspiring artists, Eric has this to say:

“Spaceships are like dragons. You are free to make them look however you want but how they make you feel is the most important.

“Trying to come up with an original yet familiar design is definitely the hardest part. There are so many good designs out there to pull inspiration from but I also try to find something unique. I make many sketches, sometimes starting completely over before I settle on something good.”

For more of Eric Guesz’ work, go check him out on Instagram or over at his ArtStation page.


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