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Artist Perfectly Explains Why Boys Also Need Female Role Models

“Boys are repeatedly told that girls’ things are embarrassing and inferior.”

We all grew up having own personal heroes, whether that hero be an athlete, a musician, a comic book superhero, a loved one, or anyone else for that matter. We look up to them and they inspire us to be our better selves.

So is it ok for a young boy to look up to female role models? The obvious answer to this question, of course, is a resounding “yes” but if you’ll be honest, the sad reality is that society sometimes has the tendency to discriminate genders.

Artist Damian Alexander has personally seen this and even experienced it in his own life.

So when he recently saw a woman telling her son she wouldn’t buy a Wonder Woman doll for him, Damian felt inspired to pick his drawing tools up to deliver a relevant message – which later went viral on social media.

Damian wrote in a post accompanying the illustrations:

“At Target this lady told her son he couldn’t have a Wonder Woman doll because “that’s for girls” and then bought her daughter the same one. It got me thinking about how often I see people bar young boys from appreciating girls/women as protagonists and heroes, and my own experience with it as a kid.”

The illustrator further lamented about “how society refuses to let boys have female role models and how boys grow and develop sexism early on from these seemingly small interactions.”

Check out Damian’s personal experience here and see if you can relate with it:

Do you agree with Damian’s points? Are we, as a society, really guilty of planting seeds of sexism at such an early age? Let us know what you think about it by leaving a comment below!

In the mean time, you can follow Damian Alexander band check out more of his works over at Tumblr and Twitter.


Artist Accurately Portrays The Joys of Living Alone

“Just because someone is alone doesn’t mean they’re lonely.”

If you’ve ever tried living alone, you know it comes with several pros and cons – just like when you’re living with family members or others. There is, however, a common misconception that being alone always means being lonely.

This is what artist Yaoyao Ma Van As has been trying to dispel through her colorful illustrations. A self-confessed vegan and animal lover, Yaoyao’s gorgeous artworks recently went viral on social media after it caught the attention of netizens and media sources.

35-year-old artist Yaoyao Ma Van As lives with her dog Parker.


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12 Illustrations Showing Zodiac Signs As Mythical Goddesses

Illustrator Emilee Petersmark recreates the Zodiacs as goddesses and starts to appreciate the myths behind the signs.

Not all people may be following their horoscope, but most knew what their zodiac signs are and what they look like. Each symbol is unique: a bull for Taurus, ram for Aries, crab for Cancer, etc. and each one has a different meaning. But what if these zodiac signs symbols have been turned into mythical goddesses? That’s exactly what illustrator Emilee Petersmark did and the results are just amazing!

Emilee revealed that she was approached by a band called The Accidentals in 2017, asking her to create 12 posters based on the zodiac signs. The artist admitted that she was not so familiar with zodiac signs at the time but she did a lot of research and reimagined them as mythical goddesses.

It took Emilee a year to finish the project.


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