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Artist Creates Digital Manipulations Inspired By Popular Idioms

I bet you will never think about these popular idioms the same way again.

Tara Lesher graduated from college with a degree in education, but she is now living her passion as a creative photographer. Her specialty is children’s creative portraits.

Since most kids tend to take words literally, it inspired Tara to create these amazing digital manipulations. Her new series, called “Idioms,” is all about putting an image in our minds whenever we say or hear these popular idioms. Check out her work.

1. Couch potato

Used when someone watches too much television.

2. Raining cats and dogs

Used when there is an unusually heavy downpour. It simply means “a heavy rain.”

3. Heard it through the grapevine

An indication that a piece of information was obtained via an informal contact.

4. Cat got your tongue

Used to compel someone to speak, say something, or give a response when they are (unusually) quiet.

5. In hot water

To be in or get into a difficult situation in which you are in danger of being criticized or punished.

6. Teacher’s pet

A name called to a student who tries to curry a teacher’s favor in hopes of a better grade.

7. Crocodile Tears

An insincere show of sympathy or sadness.

8. Frog in my throat

The feeling that something is caught or stuck in one’s throat.

9. Saved by the bell

Expresses the idea that someone or something is rescued from a dire outcome in the nick of time.

10. Mind your own beeswax

To mind one’s own business, to rudely tell someone not to stick their nose in your private affairs.

11. Big Wig

The most important or influential person, usually in an organization, business or government.

12. Bull in a china shop

Someone who is very careless in the way that they move or behave.

You can check Tara’s other creations on her Instagram account.


America’s First Underwater Museum Opens In Florida

This is breathtaking!

America's first underwater museum has opened with submarine-themed exhibits providing habitat for ocean life. It is located right off the coast of Grayton Beach State Park in South Walton, Florida.

The Underwater Museum of Art’s (UMA) purpose is to make art that turns into the marine habitat by expanding fish populations. Also, with its creative, cultural, and educational aspects, visitors and explorers will get the opportunity to enjoy and learn at the same time as they dive into the deep sea.

Source: CNN

The project was nearly two years in the making and has seven prominent sculptures on display....

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Russian Artist Transforms Dirty Vehicles Into Amazing Works of Art

Dirty vehicles are artistic opportunities for this artist.

Over the years, we’ve been introduced to lots of artists using unique mediums, thanks to social media. We’ve all been impressed with these creative people who used everything from stones and makeup, to pies and straws.

Now allow us to show some love for an amazing painter from Moscow named Nikita Golubev. This man uses a strange canvass to showcase his artworks – dirty vehicles.

As you can see below, this painter from the Russian capital has the ability to transform dusty cars and trucks into fantastic masterpieces. Instead of writing “wash me” or anything rude, he utilizes the space to exhibit his creativity and even deliver important messages. ...

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Dad Draws On Kids’ Lunch Bags To Serve As The Perfect Icebreaker In School

Dad found a perfect icebreaker for his kids.

All parents know that being in school is sometimes tough for kids, especially for those who are more on the shy side like Lynell Jinks’ daughter Zelina. Instead of just giving her some pep talk to boost her self-esteem like most parents normally do, the 42-year-old artistic and creative director took a totally different approach.

Lynell started drawing on his children’s paper lunch bags about five years ago. Now, it became a regular thing and his kids, Zelina and Izaac, appreciate all the efforts that he did to make them feel special.

Instead of just doing quick sketches, Lynell took it to a whole new level.


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