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Artist Creates Amazing Battle Dogs Using Different Canine Breeds

Which one is your favorite good boi?

Most of us see our pets are funny, cuddly, adorable, and loyal. However, one artist decided to reimagine our favorite canines as battle dogs in full armor and appropriate weapons. Needless to say, the results are nothing less than amazing.

Nikita Orlov is a 31-year-old artist with an obvious love for animals. Moreover, his awesome illustrations of battle dogs display different breeds as guards, warriors, knights, warlocks, and barbarians. However, there are also merchants, innkeepers, bards, and even a monk. Additionally, there is an adorable bard that uses the perfect breed.

This artist created ‘canitaurs’, a set of awesome battle dogs.

Orlov revealed how he started creating the adorable illustrations.

“I saw a dog one day and I thought, ‘Hmm… it would be fun to make a centaur from a dog. I bet someone did it already!’. I googled and found none. Surprise! So I decided to do a couple of battledoges. I thought of a fantasy world where those doges could exist and what professions they might have. Soon I ended up with a whole pack.”

The artist immediately posted his artworks on Instagram where they became an instant hit. Interestingly, all the attention landed Orlov an awesome new gig. This is a great opportunity that will eventually win him new fans.

Each illustration chooses a specific breed for certain medieval professions.

Not surprisingly, Orlov also shared that his battle dogs will become a major part of a new Dungeons & Dragons project.

“Things got rolling and now I`m collaborating with amazing guys from Punga Miniatures and soon in October, we will launch a Kickstarter for D&D ‘The Deck of Many’ project by Cardamajigs. Also, there is an idea for a tabletop game.”

This is certainly great news for people who love dogs and D&D. The artist also imparted an amazing advice for anyone who wants to realize a new idea. “If you are inspired to do something unique, just do it and share it with the world,” Orlov wrote. Additionally, you can follow him on Instagram @bloodynik_art to see his awesome artworks.


Artist Bribes Live Ants To Help Complete Her Illustrations

It’s definitely an interesting way to create art, but it sure requires a lot of patience!

Making art is not easy. You need to spend a lot of time and effort just to complete one masterpiece, which is why one artist decided to get some help.

Artists Iantha Naicker gets a little help in finishing her works from ants. Yes, you read that right. Fully knowing the fact that these tiny insects couldn’t create illustrations on their own, she decided to bribe them.


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Bike Chain Link Sculptures Perfectly Capture Human Emotions

It is a way of expressing the struggles of humans.


Art undoubtedly evokes emotions. A good art never leaves us cold. For some artists, they took it up a notch and created art pieces that perfectly mimic human emotions, even with the use of trivial materials, such as bicycle chains.

Prepare to be enthralled by the works of Korean artist Yung Deok Seo, who used chains linked together to create stirring masterpieces that vividly capture human’s emotions.

South Korean artist Yung Deok Seo specializes on the human body.


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Hilarious Fart Guide Is Must Read For Couples Who Share A Bed

Here’s hoping nobody has to use #7!

Living with a new partner can be truly exciting but it also has its downsides. For one, how would you deal with the need to pass gas while sharing a bed? An artist has hilariously illustrated a Fart Guide that every couple must read. Whether you are just starting a new relationship or already at the stage where you have an offspring, there is something here just for you.

Weng Chen is the artist behind The Adventures of Messy Cow comics and she knows what it's like to be faced with the dilemma of flatulence between couples. Chen has illustrated an awesome Fart Guide showing seven different ways to cut the cheese when you are sleeping in the same bed as your partner. She even listed the pros and cons of each method although we wouldn't recommend #7.

Get ready for the hilarious Fart Guide!


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