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15 Beautiful Aquarium Coffee Table Design Ideas For The Living Room

The bigger the tank, the more gorgeous your room will become.


Many homeowners find a coffee table a necessary piece of furniture that adds beauty to the entire living room. But coffee tables don’t have to look ordinary and some designers have actually thought of ideas to spice things up.

One of the most creative ways to design a living room is with a coffee table – a fish tank coffee table, that is. Not only will you or your guests have a place for coffee mugs and other beverages, but they can also be entertained by the sight of colorful fish in the aquarium. Check out these seven beautiful aquarium coffee table designs that might just inspire you to get one for your home.

#1. If you enjoy watching sea creatures, you got to have this aquarium coffee table!

#2. Having a fish tank for a coffee table will make your home look unique.

#3. You don't even need to have fish in there.

#4. Some greens, colorful pebbles and sand, and cool ornaments are enough to spruce up your living room.

If you’re concerned about putting live fish in there, don’t worry. You can skip it and use water plants instead.

#5. But the bigger the tank, the more gorgeous your living room will become.

#6. Ditch the usual shapes of tables. You can go for this hexagonal table.

#7. Another idea is to adorn it with beautiful lights.

#8. Black wooden structure provides a great contrast to the bright greens inside the tank.

#9. Your living room will ooze with elegance with these coffee table designs.

#10. You can also put fish tanks in any room you want

#11. The extra lights will add more life to your living room.

#12. Add some plants and your table will be refreshing to the eye.

#13. Your fish tank will surely keep your guests entertained.

#14. Plus it will add life in your living room.

#15. The added lights will also look stunning at night.

Aquariums or fish tanks are perfect decors for your home. Keep in mind that they’re not only limited to being used on coffee tables. They can be great as a divider for rooms and as a kitchen counter – bet you had never considered that! Sure, having an aquarium as a home decor also means making sure you keep it clean and well-maintained, especially if you have fish in there.

The maintenance is another thing to worry about but it’s all worth it when your living room becomes the highlight of your home because of fish tank coffee tables.

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Couple Turns Old Hovis Lorry Into Luxury Mobile Home

Very impressive!

They say "don't judge a book by its cover,' and this regular-looking yellow Hovis lorry is no exception. The five-ton vehicle may look like any other bread trucks out there, but adventurers Martin Hill and Iona Stewart transformed the interior into their very own luxury mobile home.

The young couple from Nottingham, UK, who met while snowboarding in the French Alps, spent £20,000 (about $25,900) renovating the lorry into a 28-feet home to live in while they travel Europe. Today, the truck has been fitted out with a luxurious bedroom, living space, kitchen, and bathroom.


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The Best Air-Filtering Houseplants According To NASA

These awesome plants will help remove toxins from the air around you.

Although we cannot see it, the air around us is filled with toxins. This is why NASA decided to look for the best plants that can filter toxic agents in our environment. Interestingly, their findings revealed that most common houseplants are effective at detoxification.

Our homes and offices are usually filled with airborne toxins from everyday items. Formaldehyde can be found in paper bags and synthetic fibers while trichloroethylene is produced by printer ink and paint. However, there is a natural way to remove these toxins. Here are 18 of the best air-filtering houseplants.

1. Chrysanthemum morifolium (Florist’s Chrysanthemum)


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Got scratches on your mobile device? While getting a screen replacement is always the most effective solution, it’s certainly not the cheapest. For example, you have to pay $29 at Apple or around $129 to $149 if your warranty is already expired.

So before bringing your phone to the repair shop, you may want to try these quick fixes for your phone scratches, both on the display and the casing. Read on and you just might thank us for saving you some money!

1. Toothpaste


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