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Overprotective Guard Cat Traps Real Estate Agent Inside A House

“You are not a very nice kitty!”

Territorial dogs can be a problem for real estate agents. However, a woman had the misfortune of meeting a very angry cat. The aggressive feline actually managed to trap the poor woman inside one of the bedrooms in a property she’s trying to sell.

Cassie Sonnentag was preparing a house in Praire Farm, Wisconsin for viewing. The real estate agent managed to make everything look presentable. However, it was clear that the homeowner’s adorable cat wasn’t happy with Sonnentag being in the house. The angry feline then proceeded to torment the woman, refusing to let her out of the house.

This cat may appear innocent but looks can be deceiving.

Sonnentag is clearly terrified of the cat as it meows aggressively. She compares the feline to an attack dog, something that the cat wasn’t happy about. Sonnentag attempts to exit but is quickly stopped when the kitty attacks her shoe.

The terrified real estate agent is shaken by the attack and she immediately steps back. The cat then blocks the exit as it continues to meow angrily. Sonnentag tries to talk to the feline at no avail.

At one point, Sonnentag says, “you are not a very nice kitty.” The cat quiets down and she thinks she can finally inch her way out of the bedroom. However, the angry feline begins growling and forces her further into the room.

“You shall not pass!”

It’s hilarious that a grown woman would be terrified of one tiny cat. However, it’s also clear that the kitten is very aggressive. Luckily, Sonnentag managed to get out of the room.

“We’re gonna lock that door,” she declares. “Yeah, I’m just gonna tell the sellers or the buyers not to go in that room.”

That’s a good call indeed. We’re hoping nobody gets hurt while viewing the house anytime soon.

Watch the hilarious full video below:

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Owner Hilariously Calls Out Her Dog Pretending To Be A Stray At McDonald’s Drive-Thru

“She’s not even a stray dog!”

Who doesn't love free burgers? A dog has been sneaking out of her home to hang out at a McDonald's drive-thru so she could get some food from clueless customers. However, her owner has finally caught her in the act and called the pooch out on the scam.

Princess is an adorable pup who belongs to Betsy Reyes of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Although the pooch appears to be well-fed, her owner recently discovered that Princess has been going to the nearby McDonald's to beg for food. Reyes wrote about her dog's ongoing con in a hilarious post.

This dog's owner just found out that her pet has been pretending to be a stray.


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20 Times Kids Have No Idea How Funny They Are

#13 had me in stitches!

One of the best things about kids is that they are frequently hilarious. They say funny things and do silly things, and generally provide the people around them with unstoppable laughter.

Kids are most of the time funny without even trying. Even if they'll do the most basic things, sometimes it would end up making us laugh hysterically. Here are 20 times kids have no idea how funny they are.

1. This honest three-year-old told a man his pants are falling off.


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Ninja Cat Pretends To Be Asleep To Steal Owner’s Dinner

“And the Best Cat Actor Of The Year Award goes to …”

There is little doubt that felines can be exceedingly sneaky. However, one ninja cat took it up to another level. The kitten thought of a new way to steal his owner's food. Needless to say, his method is adorably cunning.

Rajah is a gorgeous Bengal cat who belongs to Sara Cantu. The kitten usually hangs out at his owner's office desk and usually gets to eat her leftover dinner. However, Rajah got impatient with waiting for scraps. The devious little kitty decided to employ some ninja moves on Cantu's chicken by pretending he is asleep.

This cat is feigning sleepiness to steal his owner's dinner.


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