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Adorable Corgi Takes Up Surfing After Devastating Injury

Super Corgi Jojo is also a therapy dog!

Surfing isn’t the easiest activity for most people. However, an adorable little corgi has been showing off skills that could rival Kelly Slater. But like almost every success story in history, the tiny pup’s reason for taking on the water sport is a tragic one.

Super Corgi Jojo has been taking the world by storm after a video of the surfing dog became viral. The pup’s official Instagram account currently has more than 81,000 followers who are all aware of Jojo’s sad story. The little corgi actually began to surf as therapy after a devastating attack a few years ago.

Jojo tried to save his owner but ended up being badly wounded in the attack.

The little dog took up surfing as a form of therapy for his injuries.

Jojo’s mom Josephine Zosa revealed that they were both attacked by two dogs. She offered some details on what happened on that fateful day.

“I got attacked on my hand and Jojo almost didn’t make it alive. We had to rush him to the emergency vet and did tons of rehab [and] after his operation we started with hydrotherapy. When my husband came home from deployment, he took Jojo out to the beach and did therapy there. Jojo’s surfing is therapy and it had helped him to be healthy again. He got his strength and mobility back.”

Jojo clearly loves being in the water.

The little corgi loves to dress up, especially in his Superman suit.

It looks like Jojo is a natural when it comes to surfing. Zosa confirmed that the little corgi competed at the Purina challenge dog competition. In addition to that, he placed third at the 2016 Huntington surf dog competition.

A self-proclaimed Disney fan, Jojo also enjoys suiting up as Thor.

Paddling out to catch some waves is not the only thing that keeps Jojo busy. The pup is also a therapy dog who volunteers at Scripps Memorial Hospital at La Jolla, San Diego.

In addition to that, he helps at the military, rehabs and elderly homes. The energetic little corgi even has time to visit the city library and listen to children read him their books.

Jojo gets a sweet kiss from his new friend.

Super Corgi Jojo is truly an inspiration to all of us. Make sure to follow his Instagram @supercorgi_jojo.

Watch Super Corgi Jojo in action.

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