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8 Popular Apps Of Today Transformed Into Objects From The Past

Did you own any of these?

People nowadays couldn’t imagine themselves leaving the house without their precious mobile phones. They also feel uneasy going to a meeting without their trusty tablet or laptop.

The younger generation wouldn’t also know what it’s like living and going about their day without the internet. But for those who have experienced the 1980s, life was so much simpler back then. But just in case you’re wondering what Facebook, Netflix, Google, and a lot more would be like in the past, here are eight popular apps of today transformed into objects from the earlier years.

1. Spotify – Cassette Tape Recorder

Listening to your favorite music wasn’t as easy. You have to click the rewind button to hear your jam again. And sometimes the tape gets ruined when you play the song over and over again.

2. Adobe Illustrator – Etch A Sketch

Just imagine making a circle using these two knobs. The younger generation wouldn’t know the struggle.

3. Instagram – Manual Film Camera

To share your amazing photos, all you have to do now is share it on your favorite social media platforms like Instagram. But in the good old days, people have to wait a couple of days for the pictures to be developed, and then keep them in an album where no one would see them.

4. Facebook – Beeper

While you can easily have a conversation on Facebook through chats and comments, the Beeper was a one-way chat. The person who wanted to reach you had to call up an operator to relay their message, and you can’t even use your gadget to reply! What a waste of money. But people with Beepers looked really cool before, though.

5. Netflix – View Master Classic

This was every kid’s dream in the 80s! Having a View Master Classic was like having your own private theater. It was awesome!

6. Whatsapp – Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkies were used as a mobile phone in the past. Kids would talk with each other using this toy, or even share some secret messages.

7. Google – Speak & Spell

The first Speak & Spell was introduced in 1978, making it one of the earliest handheld electronic devices with a visual display to use interchangeable game cartridges. Take that, Google.

8. Snapchat – Game & Watch

The Game & Watch was pretty popular in the past. In fact, Nintendo’s Game Boy was inspired by its concept.


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