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5 Mistakes You Make When Weighing Yourself

We’re all guilty of these mistakes.

We’ve all dealt with our share of being obsessed with weighing ourselves. We see the numbers, we’re not satisfied with it, so we step on the scale a few more times in a day to check if we put on a few pounds or not. It’s quite obvious that this habit is very stressful and exhausting.

But did you know that the reason why your scale is acting up on you is that you’re not doing things right? Here are five mistakes you’re making when you weigh yourself that are giving you inaccurate numbers.

1. You weigh yourself at night.

This seemed to be self-explanatory why your scale tells you that you gained weight when you weigh at night. All of the food that you have consumed throughout the day is stored in your body at night. So naturally, you’ll be heavier during that time than in the morning when your body already fully digested all the food, burned some calories, and turned some into energy.

2. You weigh yourself every day.

Source: all4women

Weighing yourself once a week is enough.

3. You’re only listening to the scale and not your body.

Source: 2ser

Being obsessed with numbers is not going to get you anywhere. Instead, you should listen to what your body is telling you.

Even if you gained a few pounds but you’re feeling lighter, and your clothes are looser, then that’s a good thing. Don’t allow yourself to be a prisoner of your weighing scale.

4. You’re using different scales.

It’s ideal to weigh yourself on the same scales everytime you want to check your progress to get a more accurate update.

5. You’re hopping on the scale after a workout.

Source: webmd

Dietitian Robbie Clark said:

“On the other end of the scale, people who weigh themselves after a big gym session may see that they have lost weight … This loss, however, is more likely to be fluid loss through sweat rather than direct fat loss.”

This sudden weight loss might lead you to believe that it’s a permanent one and you’d start binging on those fattening food.


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