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4 Yummy Plant-Based Water That Make Hydrating Much Cooler

Could these hip new drinks replace drinking plain old water?

It’s turning out to be a truly hot summer and people are looking for cool new ways to stay hydrated. You’ll be excused for wanting to guzzle a gallon of cold water these days but it looks like there are some delicious alternatives. Plant-based waters are turning into a yummy way to beat the heat. In addition to their hydrating properties, they are also easy to find.

You might be tempted to swap regular water for the plant-based kind. However, experts are quick to point out that drinking water is still important. In the meantime, here are four delicious and hydrating plant-based water you should try today.

Coconut Water

People swear by this natural alternative because of its hydrating properties. Experts even recommend replacing sports drinks with coconut water since it contains natural electrolytes and isn’t loaded with sugar. The best coconut water still comes directly from the fruit. You can also get the bottled kind but check the label for added sugar.

Aloe Vera Water

Aloe vera is already known for its healing properties and moisturizing effect on skin but it looks like the plant has even more benefits.

Experts say that aloe vera water can actually help deal with your digestive issues. Just make sure that you are drinking aloe vera water since the plant’s juices can cause constipation.

Birch Water

Looking for something that is both hydrating and good for your teeth? Birch water contains xylitol, which prevents cavities. In addition to that, it can aid in calcium absorption and has antioxidants.

Barley Water

Barley water might be the healthiest plant-based water drink. This beverage is high in fiber and helps balance out gut bacteria. Barley water can also lower your cholesterol and blood sugar. Not surprisingly, the yummy drink could also keep you satisfied much longer than regular water, which leads to weight loss.


6 Mistakes That Prevent You From Grilling The Perfect Steak

You can be a steak master if avoid these common errors!

Summer is certainly the best time to have a barbeque with family and friends. But are you confident about your grilling skills when you need to make the perfect steak? Most people are guilty of making some sad steaks that are usually undercooked or underseasoned. Luckily, it is easy to avoid these mistakes.

Steaks can be the perfect meal but yes, they can somehow be a bit tricky to prepare. People tend to be cautious about overcooking the meat and end up with a badly undercooked slab.

Here are the mistakes you need to stop doing so you get a perfect steak all the time:...

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5 Beverages You Need To Avoid For A Flatter Stomach

You’ll be surprised with #4!

Everybody wants washboard abs. Although getting a flat stomach is usually attainable through proper diet and exercise, some people still have trouble trimming down their midsection. Could it have something to do with their choice of beverage? Well actually, yes, some drinks can impede your chances of getting a flatter tummy.

Bloating is usually the main reason why we suddenly notice our waistlines are expanding. Although abdominal bloating is often caused by the food that we eat, the beverage you drink regularly could also be a culprit.

Here are common drinks that you need to avoid so you can get a flat stomach:...

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5 Easy Ways To Get Children To Eat Vegetables

Eating veggies can be fun and exciting when you use a little creativity.

Vegetables are undoubtedly some of the healthiest food that nature can provide. However, parents always seem to have a hard time getting their children to take a bite of greens during meals. It's an ongoing struggle for most families but getting your kids to eat their veggies can be surprisingly easy.

It is important to remember that children will refuse to eat something if they don't see their parents doing the same thing. After all, vegetables are not just for kids. Always set the example and show them that veggies should be part of their daily diet. In the meantime, here are easy ways to convince your kids to eat vegetables.

1. Cut those vegetables into fun shapes


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