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30 Epic Design Fails That Are So Hilariously Bad

If #27 happens, run!

You don’t have to be an expert in design to know that something is totally messed up. These errors are so hard to miss that you can’t believe they’re actually out there for people to see.

With that said, everybody loves poking fun at other people’s mistakes. Here are 30 epic design fails that are so bad, it’s hilarious.

1. Probably not the best color for a bike saddle.

2. When your security gate is a ladder.

3. The chicken looks rightly offended.

4. “I didn’t qualify for this paid survey after selecting ‘No.’”

So let me get this straight. You only qualify for the paid survey if you’re a ghost?

5. Is it living in the sewers?

6. This ad placement is a little insensitive.

7. Okay. Noted.

8. Light switch in the kids’ room.

9. Someone got fired.

10. It seems that Forever 21 does not know what women actually look like.

11. The clock hands don’t glow, so you still don’t know what time it is.

12. Perfect design for your toilet seat.

13. “The ‘bathroom’ in my Airbnb will 100% result in shitty encounters with the host.”

14. Junk food just became real.

15. “So my campus had a Suicide Awareness and Prevention Day.”

16. Is this the ad for #15?

17. I think they forgot to Photoshop the other boob.

18. One would have been too much already.

19. They need protection too.

20. Planning is overrated. Improvisation is everything.

21. How to break your bones.

22. Yep. This is how an elephant looks like.

23. Someone forgot their spacing.

24. That’s an interesting mirror.

25. Well, do they?

26. I’m not sure.

27. I hope that’s not how your priest comforts you.

28. Well, hope they also have a room for the good employees.

29. “I went to turn on the lights and got sanitized instead.”

30. Wow, now I can shower and blow dry my hair at the same time. No danger there!

Watch out for these epic design fails around you. They’re everywhere!


Silly Cat Messes With Wrong Rat, Instantly Regrets It

The tables have definitely turned for this poor cat!

Sometimes you just have to be careful about who you mess with. A silly cat discovered this the hard way when it tried to bully a random rat on the street. Needless to say, the rat fought back and the feline immediately regretted its decision.

The video was taken on the streets of Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxembourg. It starts off with the cat watching its target from across the street before giving chase. There is a moment when the feline hesitates, possibly reconsidering its decision to go after the rat. Nevertheless, it continues and attempts to pounce on its unsuspecting victim.

This story should end in a certain way but there's an awesome plot twist.


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Mexico City Dog Known For Begging For Pizza Has To Wear ‘Don’t Feed Me’ Tag

“No me des pizza, gracias!”

Most people would do anything for free pizza. For one dog, the quest for a free slice has come to an end. The adorable pooch had been begging for scraps outside a pizza shop in Mexico City. Interestingly, his owners had decided to give him a tag telling people to stop feeding him.

The cute pup went viral when netizen Estrella CR posted his pics on Facebook. They had spotted the dog sitting outside the Little Caesars in Mexico City and looking sad as he watched them eat. When they decided to check on the pooch thinking he was a stray, they saw that he had a collar. However, his tag has a message, "No me des pizza, gracias." ("Do not give me pizza, thank you.")

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Two Guys Decided To Follow The Popular Instagram Girls Day Out

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As diverse as social media can be, it can get boring sometimes. Seeing the same things over and over can get a little monotonous. That’s why two guys, Stevey and Doug, decided to fight it hilariously by having an “Instagram Girls Day Out.”

The buddies decided to take their road trip to the next level. Instead of doing what guys normally do during this kind of adventure, they chose to create the classic, Instagram-inspired stereotypical girls day out instead.

#funinthesun #sunflower


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