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20 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Married Life





Marriage is certainly not just a walk in the park. In order to make it work, you should always compromise, be extra understanding, and learn to love each other’s flaws.

But when you’re married to someone for so long, there will be times that you feel that you can’t live with them anymore. However, you also can’t live without them. Here are 20 hilarious memes that perfectly sum up the married life.

1. When two become one.

This has got to be one of the coolest wedding cakes I’ve ever seen!

2. Do you want to see his/her true color?

3. I heard that!

Did you really think you could get away with it?

4. Touché.

5. The “wink” before and after marriage has a completely different meaning.

I wonder what’s inside the cup?

6. Imagine ten years from now.

7. If you say so.

Well, that is dirty.

8. So, do you still think the curtain looks ridiculous?

9. The best peace offering.

10. Never ever underestimate what your wife knows about you.

Sometimes she knows you more than you know yourself.

11. This will save you from so many “I told you so.”

12. Read #9

If #9 still won’t work, then you’re on your own, man.

13. Husbands are every wife’s diary.

They are likely not going to remember everything that you told them anyway. So they do not count.

14. Do you need a trophy for that?

15. So you’re laying there waiting for him to do #9.

16. This must be universal.

17. Do it, or else…

The storm will go away, but your wife is going to be there waiting for you to finish your chores. So do it.

18. It’s just the way it is.

19. If you want your day to go smoothing, never EVER ask a tired woman a stupid question.

20. Here we go!

Let’s hope and pray that #9 will work this time!

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