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15 Heartwarming Photos Of People And Their Pets Growing Up Together

#3 is too relatable.

Having a pet usually takes a lot of work but growing up with them is an amazing experience. It indeed is a rewarding feeling when the connection started from childhood then extended up to adulthood.

It’s no secret that hese furry pals love you unconditionally, even during those times when you feel that you’re unbearable. They have always been there for you and experienced a lot of things with you. Here are 15 heartwarming photos of people and their pets growing up together to celebrate this beautiful bond.

1. Same clothes, same dog, stronger connection.

2. Fourteen years of friendship.

3. Where did the man go?

When you and your pet grew up together but you look the same, and he’s like a completely different animal.

4. Same smile from the owner, and same reaction from the kitty.

And his human still has the same smile!

5. Best friends since birth.

6. Growing up together.

7. It grew a lot in just a year!

Just look at that cat’s face in the “after” photo, it seems that she finally realized that she’s not a parrot after all.

8. The dog adapted her smile.

The pup finally learned how to smile like his human.

9. “Hey, I’m almost as tall as you!”

10. The dog clearly liked this position.

11. From a baby to a giant.

Now the human is his little chew toy.

12. The doggie was a little shy, but she clearly gained some confidence over the years.

13. Sleep buddies.

14. He took him in during his service, and now they’re the best of pals.

This is such a tear-jerking photo as it sums up the meaning of what it’s like to have a pet. If you’re there for them, they will always be there for you. No questions asked.

15. His hair may have changed but their love is the same.

What do your pets mean to you and your family? Tell us in the comment section below.


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