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12-Year-Old Boy With Cerebral Palsy Wrote A Book With His Eyes

Jonathan Bryan is an incredible young man!

We all have heard the line “Nothing is impossible,” but Jonathan Bryan took the popular quote up a notch. Although the 12-year-old was born with severe disabilities that left him unable to breathe or speak independently, he still managed to achieve incredible things.

In fact, Jonathan is now an official author. The young boy has written a memoir titled, “Eye Can Write,” which is a perfect description of how he wrote the book.

Jonathan has surprised people with all he has to say.

Source: CNN

Jonathan has cerebral palsy, as a result of severe brain damage when his mother was pregnant. The disorder affects muscle tone, movement, and motor skills (the ability to move in a coordinated and purposeful way).

Jonathan, who lives in Wiltshire, England, couldn’t speak until the age of 7 when his mom Chantal Bryan took it upon herself to train him to speak with his eyes. At the age of nine, he could spell anything he wanted to say.

Jonathan is often referred to as “Locked-in Boy.”

After mastering the unique form of communication, Jonathan wrote a book about the years he spent unable to speak and feeling locked in his own body. It took him a year to finish the whole book.

To achieve the feat without having to write, type, or speak, Jonathan gazes at the E-Tran frame to indicate which letter he wants to use through the movement of his eyes. The person he’s communicating with holds the board between them and follows along as he spells.

Jonathan spells out each word by gazing at letters on a board.

“Eye Can Write” was received warmly by readers and is now a best seller!

Source: CNN

“Eye Can Write” is available on Amazon at only £9.44 ($12.37 approx.) for a hardcover and is a number one bestseller already! A portion of the proceeds from the book will be donated to a charity called Teach Us Too.


Guy Bravely Steps Into Raging Floodwaters To Save 3-Year-Old Girl

The wild floodwaters swept the young girl away. Fortunately, our hero acted fast!

India was recently hit by a terrible flood and a man recently made headlines after saving a 3-year-old girl from the raging waters. The heroic act has been captured on film and it has since went viral after it was shared online.

As you can see on the footage, the young girl was being swept away by the strong current but that didn’t stop our hero from stepping into danger. He quickly grabbed the child from the water and brought her to safety.

The heart-stopping moment happened in Jodhpur, India and it was captured on camera.


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Awesome Dad Surprises His Daughter With ‘Real Dinosaurs’ In Their Backyard

Best dad ever!

If you’re a parent, you probably know this one single fact: kids are obsessed with dinosaurs. They love everything from the toys and books, to shirts and movies, to even dinosaur-shaped biscuits, among many others.

Well one father from Las Vegas decided to surprise his dinosaur-loving daughter by bringing Jurassic Park to their own backyard. How exactly did he do that? By using projectors!

Lyle Coram works as a stagehand and he used his tech genius to bring Jurassic Park to life!


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Brave Gas Station Clerk Saves Woman From Alleged Kidnappers

Now she’s being hailed as a hero for what she did!

Thanks to a brave gas station clerk, a woman has been saved from her alleged kidnappers. This one recently happened in Waterford, California and netizens are now hailing the quick-thinking “Good Samaritan” for her heroism.

24-year-old Savannah Pritchett was working her shift at Triple R Gas and Mart when a woman suddenly entered the shop, held her hand, and said "Please, please help me. I've been kidnapped, they have two guns."

Gas station clerk Savannah Pritchett is a real-life hero.


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