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12 Delicious Snacks To Try For A Quick Protein Fix

These snacks are guaranteed to be yummy, nutritious, and easy to make!

Protein might be the most important thing you need to get your body moving everyday. Although people tend to consume their protein in their regular meals, most of their snacks happen to be high in sugar.

Unfortunately, eating snacks with too much carbohydrates and sweeteners could leave you craving for more. The best snacks should always satisfy your hunger and help lower your blood sugar levels.

Great snacks don’t need to be filled with sugar to be delicious. Here are yummy snacks that are also nutritious and high in protein.

1. Smear peanut butter on an apple

Apple is high in fiber and antioxidants while peanut butter has good cholesterol. Not surprisingly, the two taste great together and make for a high-protein snack. Just remember not to eat too much peanut butter since it is packed with calories.

2. Celery and peanut butter? Why not?

Like apples, celery has plenty of dietary fiber and contains vitamin K and folate. They also taste great with peanut butter.

3. Chomp on a handful of almonds

Almonds have healthy fats and vitamin E. In addition to that, they keep you full for a long time, making them a great snack when you are trying to control your weight.

4. Chew on some jerky

Although jerky doesn’t contain much fat, the chewy dried meat is packed with flavor and high in protein. They are also easy to carry around, making them the ideal snack for meat lovers.

5. Trail mix isn’t just for hikes

Fitness buffs swear by the yummy combination of dried fruits and nuts, which is also high in protein. Be careful not to overdo your snacking since trail mix is also high in calories.

6. You can eat Greek yogurt on its own or mix it up into a parfait

Greek yogurt packs plenty of calcium. It also goes well with just about any fruit so make a parfait with mixed berries and granola.

7. Take time for hard-boiled eggs

They’re easy to pack and filled with B vitamins. The protein in a hard-boiled egg can crush any hunger pangs in an instant.

8. Nibble on some cheese

Who doesn’t love cheese? You can snack on them and rest assured that you are getting plenty of calcium and phosphorus.

9. Get into the avocado fever and mix it with chicken for a yummy salad

Here’s why this is the perfect combination: chicken is packed with protein while avocado has healthy fats. Make sure to use chicken breast in your salad and mix with selected greens.

10. Give oatmeal a chance to shine

Oatmeal contains fiber, vitamins and minerals, and enough protein to keep you satisfied for hours. It is also fairly easy to make and tastes great with fruits and chia seeds.

11. Swap regular butter for nut butter

Nut butter could replace regular butter in your go-to breakfast toast. Just like peanut butter, they have healthy fats and a healthy dose of protein.

12. Go liquid with protein shakes

You can’t go wrong with a protein shake that contains whey protein. It can actually reduce appetite while delivering the sweetness you need when you add your favorite fruits. You can also make them in advance and they store well in the fridge.


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