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115,000-Year-Old Bones Reveal Neanderthal Child Was Eaten By A Giant Bird

The story behind Poland’s oldest human remains is a little hard to swallow.

The oldest human remains discovered in Poland were found a few years ago, but it’s only recently that scientists have uncovered the unfortunate fate of the Neanderthal to whom they once belonged. Polish researchers recently identified the fossils as the remains of a human child.

The small hand bones were found in a cave in Southern Poland’s Malopolska region, according to Science in Poland, a Polish government-funded site. Researchers recently did a lab analysis of what was first believed to be just animals bones, but some were eventually identified as human bones.

Anthropologists Anita Szczepanek from Jagiellonian University in Krakow and Erik Trinkaus from Washington University in St. Louis confirmed that what they found was from a Neanderthal.

The bones were recognized as phalanges, which are bones of a human hand. Less than 1cm long, they are so fragile and poorly preserved that researchers are unable to perform DNA analysis on them.

An analysis revealed that the bones were dotted with dozens of holes and that was the clue that led researchers to determine what happened to the body.

Prof. Pawel Valde-Nowak of the Institute of Archeology of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków said:

“Analyses show that this is the result of passing through the digestive system of a large bird. This is the first such known example from the Ice Age.”

It’s still unknown if the bird attacked the child and consumed him/her, or the young one was already deceased before the bird feasted on the body.

At 115,000 years old, the bones are the oldest human remains ever found in the country.

A full analysis of the bones will be published in the Journal of Paleolithic Archeology later this year. It will help identify what Homo species the child belonged to, but for now, the team is pretty sure it was a Neanderthal.


Young Man Gets Electrocuted After Using Mobile Phone While Charging

Stop doing this before it’s too late!

We’ve all heard and read about the warnings regarding using our mobile phones while charging. However, a lot of people are also guilty of believing that nothing bad is going to happen anyway so why worry?

Well, if you’re still wondering if using your mobile phone while charging is dangerous or not, a viral video of a young man doing this bad habit will definitely answer your question. The boy has probably done this multiple times that he never thought of finally paying the price.


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Khabib Responds To 50 Cent $2M Offer For A Fight

This is getting a little too complicated.

Things are getting interesting since Khabib Nurmagomedov defeated Conor McGregor then started a controversial brawl. The Russian fighter might finally leave the Ultimate Fighting Championship for good. After all, 50 Cent has offered $2 million if Khabib joins Bellator MMA.

Curtis Jackson recently expressed his support for Khabib after the fighter's winnings were withheld by Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC). 50 Cent then declared that he would pay Khabib $2 million if he joins Bellator where the rapper has a promotional and licensing agreement. Interestingly, Khabib's response suggests he is interested in the offer.

50 Cent really wants Khabib for Bellator.


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Iran Creates a Copy of Lamborghini and Its Hard To Tell the Difference

Watch out, Lamborghini. You’ve got new competition!

When it comes to the world of supercars, Lamborghini is a name that needs no introduction. The Italian manufacturer has indeed established a reputation for itself for their high-performance luxury sports vehicles.

Now it’s starting to look like the automaker is getting some competition over at Western Asia. According to reports, engineers from Iran have recently unveiled a reverse-engineered copy of the Lamborghini Murcielago SV – and its looking pretty decent!


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