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11 Unique And Incredible Homes In The World

Prepare to be awestruck!

Our homes say a lot about us. It is a mere representation of who we are as it is where our style, preferences, and taste are shown and displayed.

These 11 incredible abodes we are about to see are unique in every way. Let us find out why and appreciate how wonderful they look.

1. Tribecca Wonderland

This Alice in Wonderland-inspired home is owned by photographer and contemporary artist, Meghan Brood.

Meghan’s taste is evident in her house, which is wild and a bit creepy.

2. Old Cement Factory in Barcelona

Ricardo Bofill, architect and owner, transformed an abandoned cement factory he found in 1973 into a home and an office.

3. The Black Pearl Residence in Rotterdam

Prior to the modification made by Studio Rolf and Zecc Architecten, this used to be a neglected house.

The only thing unchanged here is the facade.

4. A DJ’s Pop Paradise in São Paulo

Brazilian DJ Pil Marques, a collector of rare finds, filled his home with all the stuff he accumulated from all over the world.

Architect Guilherme Torres considers this adult pop paradise as his masterpiece.

5. Abandoned Church Conversion in the Netherlands

Zech Architects turned the 20-year-old abandoned St. Jaconus Church in the Netherlands into a private home.

Few changes were made so that in the future it can be turned easily into a church again, if ever.

6. Renovated Petrol Station

In 2005, Juerg Judin spent 500,000 euros to buy this 1950′s derelict Shell gas station.

It took him approximately 3 years to fully restore and decontaminate the lot.

He turned the former auto shop into a high-end kitchen while the gas station became a lounge area.

7. The 14th Century Converted Barn House in Essex, England

Would you guess that this used to be a barn house in the 14th century? Yes, it was.

Pocknell Studios turned the interior into something modern yet preserved the original wooden framework.

8. Concrete House embedded in Pacific Ocean Rock.

Merill Wright is the owner of the 2,200 sq ft concrete box sitting on a 15-acre site in San Juan.

She said:

‘I realized that what I wanted was a fortress. It wasn’t going to be sitting on the rock; it was going to be in the rock.’’

A discreet and narrow cut in the rock is the main entrance of this residence.

9. The ‘Odd One Out’ in Sweden

In the midst of tradition townhouses in Sweden, stood a unique home.

The architect of this house wanted to give a feeling of almost being outdoors, thus, the design.

10. Former Victorian School in London

Formerly a classic Victorian school.

This photo shows what used to be a gym and assembly hall.

One can rent this abode for photo shoots and films.

11. The Forgotten Palazzo

Used to be Giorgio Armani’s showroom now owned by handbag designer Mauro Orietti-Carella.

He stripped the floor of the apartment and found an old shiny marble Venetian terrazzo and under the paint was a series of bright frescoes.

The apartment’s most impressive design is the Art Deco bathroom designed in 1924 by a celebrated Italian architect.

The green marble floor walls are covered in a mosaic of sparkling gold in different shades.

Are you feeling envious now?

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