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10 Anxiety Hacks To Manage Attacks

Take it from the pros.

Having anxiety is both physically and mentally exhausting. Dealing with this issue gets lonely most of the time as not all people could understand what you’re going through.

While there is no way to make your anxiety disappear entirely, there are ways that you could do to make it a little more bearable. Here are ten anxiety hacks that therapists swear by.

1. Put your anxiety on ice

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Sheri Heller, a New York City-based psychotherapist, suggests plunging your hands into ice water or splashing some on your face could literally douse your stress away.

She said:

“Sensorial stimulation with cold water can break through dissociative feelings that often accompany anxiety and offer immediate relief from heightened cortisol levels.”

2. Clench your fists

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“Place your hands on or beside your legs. Ball your fists like you are really mad and tighten your hands as much as you can. Take a deep breath and loosen your fists a little bit at the end of the out breath … Continue to take deep breaths and loosen your fists until your hands are completely open. Then stretch your fingers outward as much as you can. Now notice your body again and the lessening of the anxiety points you felt earlier.”

3. Let the tears flow

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Crying can be therapeutic. If you feel like you’re going to burst into tears, then cry it all out.

“Often anxiety is a response to trapped or repressed grief … In these cases, giving oneself conscious permission to cry can offer the catharsis needed to calm the nervous system.”

4. Repeat a calming phrase

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Carol Howe, a spiritual psychotherapist in Orlando, Florida, explained:

“Breathe deeply at least three times, in through your nose and out through your mouth … Assure yourself with this language: ‘I am safe, and I am loved.’”

5. Allow yourself to feel anxious

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Sometimes the more you fight it, the worse it gets. So it’s better to deal with it right then and there than bottle it up, and you wouldn’t know how to handle it anymore.

“I know this sounds scary, but anxiety stays anchored into place when we resist its presence … It can literally move through, and beyond us the moment we decide to allow it.”

6. Shut down your social media apps for a bit

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According to Lauren Rose, a psychotherapist in Rye, New York:

“Social media ― and the internet in general ― often heighten anxiety and fear, sometimes through encounters with inaccurate information or information not relevant to the particular situation.”

However, the internet is not all awful. You could, for example, find online support groups that could make you feel less lonely in your journey.

7. Take stock of your surroundings

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Julia Colangelo, a licensed clinical social worker from New York City, shared:

“Count different colors, numbers or items in a room. If you’re feeling panicked, this can be a way to ground yourself and manage distress and anxiety while also not checking out.”

8. Jot down your feelings

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As Karen Whitehead, a licensed counselor based in Atlanta, suggested:

“Write down two to three words or bullet points that describe your biggest worries at that moment. Take them one at a time and ask yourself if it is a fact or your opinion … Often what feels 100 percent true in the moment is actually our opinion, and when we recognize it as such, we can diffuse its intensity.”

9. Face what’s causing your anxiety in the first place

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It would be beneficial to know the root of what you’re feeling.

Robert Duff, a licensed psychologist, and the author of Hardcore Self Help: F**k Anxiety said:

“Anxiety is fed by avoidance. When you feel anxious about a given scenario, one of the most common reactions is to avoid it … Even though logically there may be no real danger in these situations, anxiety makes you feel like you actually dodged a bullet by avoiding the potentially upsetting situation rather than pushing through. That just makes anxiety bigger.”

10. Seek help from a professional

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Don’t be ashamed or scared to solicit assistance.

Heidi McBain, a licensed counselor, based in Flower Mound, Texas, put it this way:

“Seeing a therapist who specializes in anxiety can help people break the unhealthy patterns in their lives and learn new, healthier ways of coping with their anxiety.”


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